Who We Are

We are a Seattle, WA based boutique digital development firm. Ravenna was founded in 2007 by TJ Sherrill.  After working in multiple related industries, TJ realized his dream of creating a small but focused development shop.  His focus was on integrity of relationship, quality work, and satisfied clients.

Fast forward to 2014, the team is better than ever: designers who’ve worked on projects with everyone from Starbucks to Alaska Airlines, Developers who have deployed code in projects across the spectrum from small sites for local retailers to large scale Facebook apps with millions of users.

We are passionate about doing the best we can, with integrity, and helping your bring your project from idea to reality.

Founded in 2007

Operates in a mobile capacity to keep overhead low and costs directed to project work

Diverse and highly talented employees

Hundreds of thousands of lines of code

Hundreds of satisfied clients

Local and worldwide clients

Ravenna Web Design, Web Design, Bothell, WA

We do our best work face to face.

Send an email to tj@ravennainteractive.com or call us at 206.427.0000 and we will setup a time and place to meet.



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