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When talking about Hot Cakes, the whole team gets exited. Molten chocolate cakes, sea salt caramel sauce, fabulous confections…

For this project Ravenna built a custom shipping calculator integrated with Fedex. Some items which Hot Cakes sells need to be shipping either Overnight or 2nd Day Air. The previous website did not support this feature. Careful research was done to find the best Content Management System paired with Solid eCommerce. Once the platform was setup, we implemented custom shipping rules and calculations.

Hot Cakes

In some instances Hot Cakes customers would order a product which needed expedited shipping as well as an item(s) which could be shipped normally. To develop a great solution we took a look at Amazon Prime®. Amazon breaks out shipping for customers who order items that are Prime and items that are not.

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Client Testimonial:

“Ravenna Interactive has been a vital partner through the entire process of upgrading our current website and building a new, custom back-end shipping module.

They were able to listen to our needs and execute solutions in a very timely, professional and helpful manner. They respond to emails promptly, ask questions I never thought of, have a solution to every problem and nothing seems to be too big or too challenging. They goes above and beyond to deliver the best end product and we are 100% satisfied with the partnership. We highly recommend Ravenna Interactive!”

Autumn Martin, Owner, Hot Cakes


Project Facts
Project Year: 2014
What we did: Front end, design consulting, UX/UI, custom ecommerce shipping
Frontend techniques: jQuery, touch optimizations, CSS animations, HTML5

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