HIPAA Compliant Website and Mobile Apps

HIPAA Compliant Website and Mobile Apps

As a physician, hospital, pharmacy or medical professional, you are familiar with HIPAA compliance laws and taking steps to protect your patients’ personal health information. However, as the healthcare industry ventures into the digital world of healthcare websites, apps and digital services, it is important that you keep all aspects of your practice HIPAA compliant. You may be thinking, “Isn’t that my web designers job?” The answer is yes, however you would be surprised at how many web design firms are uneducated about HIPAA. It is imperative that your practice ensures the HIPAA compliance of your website to protect yourself from penalties. There are two ways to go about this, working with a HIPAA Compliant Web and App firm or ensuring your website’s security though a HIPAA Compliance Checklist all by yourself.

The first of the two options is the easiest, working with a HIPAA Compliant Web and App agency. By choosing this option, you and your firm are able to have the peace of mind that your online presence is protecting patient health information. Working with us allows you to worry more about your patients and less about your security.

In order to have a HIPAA Compliant Medical Website or Mobile App:

  • Information that is being transported must ALWAYS be encrypted.
  • PHI is backed up and is recoverable.
  • Using unique access controls the information is only accessible by Authorized personnel.
  • The information is not tampered with or altered.
  • Information can be permanently disposed of when no longer needed.
  • Information located on a server that is secured by HIPAA security rule requirements and/or a web server company who you have a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with.

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