Web Development

Social Media / Facebook

Branding / Design

  • Website Design

    A Website is a storefront, an invitation, a business card, a place to socialize, and so much more. We take pride in building sites that visitors can actually use. Its not enough to have a great looking website, it must rank well in Google, it must help a visitor answer a question, it must provide a strong call to action.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Ravenna takes a basic approach to search engine marketing campaigns. It's simple: a search engine's goal is to offer the best results when a user conducts a keyword search. Our goal every time, is for you to rank among the best within identified keyword markets.
  • Mobile Websites

    Mobile Websites & Mobile Applications, the difference, a mobile application is a product you download from an app store. A mobile website is a website that has been formatted in a way to be viewed easily on a mobile device. From iPad's to iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry's and Nokia's, a website that has been formatted for these devices will be viewed by more people because its made available to more.
  • Custom Facebook Tabs/Apps

    Custom Facebook tabs and apps are the latest trend in a growing social media network worldwide. Can can help you take advantage of this new medium and provide great functionality to your own branded page. We can link this page to you website, and vice-versa. We can bring facebook items like the "LIKE" button to your website. We can help you utilize Facebook and Twitter to drive overall website traffic your way.