Bank of Hawaii

Bank of Hawaii (BoH) approached Ravenna with a goal of designing several web pages for its 125th Anniversary celebration. While much of the design needed to fit within their existing design theme, they also wanted to create an interactive and engaging timeline that walked visitors through each decade since it was founded.

BoH shared other timeline styles they liked, for reference, and Ravenna got to work.

The Ravenna design team started with mood boards. The BoH brand team was provided three separate styles that they reviewed and ultimately selected the one they preferred.

From mood boards, we moved into wireframes. Wireframes were a crucial step in making sure that all of the necessary content made it onto the page in a digestible user experience. The wireframing process required multiple rounds with the BoH brand and content teams.

Finally, after all the planning, strategy, and user-experience work, the Ravenna design team got to work on the timeline design. The design included:

  • A line that continues with the user as they scroll through the page

  • Carousels, for some decades, needed to highlight additional notable moments

  • A clickable timeline that anchor linked a visitor to their selected decade

  • Various animations happen as the visitor reaches specific points along the timeline

The result of the design was a well-received, community-focused design that highlighted BoH's history, current and bright future.

Cool Facts

  • Mood Boards
  • Wireframe
  • Multi-page design