Compete To Create

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carrol and performance psychologist Michael Gervais wanted to offer high-performance mindset training to individuals and businesses.   They had developed a curriculum around 16 principles and were offering it using an off-the-shelf learning management system (LMS). 

Ravenna was originally brought on to help improve the Compete to Create (C2C) branding on that third-party platform. The system was limited in both style and functionality specific to the mindset training needs. After working with the team at C2C it was determined that a more customized system would be needed to truly offer the level of training they wanted to provide.

A phased approach was used in this project.

Phase 1: Discovery

It was important to understand the content of the training in order to recommend a path forward. The Ravenna team mapped out the 16 principles and reviewed the training videos and content that had been built out over several years. The goal of discovery was to define a structure for the training modules and identify the types of learning for each. Some of the content was video, some needed quizzes, or reading, others needed the trainee to take some sort of action and report back.

Phase 2: Wireframing and design

Once all of the content was laid out, the next step was to map the user journeys and begin wireframing. A user in this case was likely to be an employee of a company that had contracted with C2C to offer their employee's mindset training. The user would get an onboarding email, set a password and then be off on the journey through the training.

C2C had a good brand with bold colors and after a few iterations, a design style was identified for the platform. The design encompassed a wide range of features. From training modules (Video, audio, quizzes, actions to take), to dashboards, leaderboards, coach interactions, profile pages (public and private), and more.

Phase 3: Development, testing, and launch

The C2C platform was built on Laravel and required both a high degree of interactivity and high-quality design implementation.

The features included:

  • Tracking a trainee's progress through training modules on a granular level, including tracking progress through video and quiz content.

  • Leaderboard and gamification for teams or cohorts of users

  • One-on-one chatting and interacting with coaches

  • Public and private trainee profile pages

  • Habit training including daily sms reminders and streak tracking

The system also had a full suite of custom administration features to help onboard cohorts, manage users, coaches, progress and more.

In total, the project took ~6 months and the result was a beautiful and functional custom learning management system completely built around C2C's high-performance mindset training.

Immediately upon completion of the project on the platform, C2C launched to corporate customers bringing in AT&T, Salesforce, Amazon, the United States Airforce and Kohls. 

Cool Facts

  • 12,000 people trained in the first year
  • 240k + hours of completed training

Connected APIs

  • Twilio
  • Mailgun
  • Pusher