Fintech startup HuntFund was created to provide savings and banking services to the outdoor industry. HuntFund is the brainchild of long-term financial industry and outdoor enthusiast Jeff Bynum,

HuntFund is focused on building a sustainable, smart fintech app to help customers with their finances.

The long-term vision for HuntFund is a full suite of financial solutions, from AI-driven auto-savings and financial analysis to credit/debit cards, deep insights, and education.

This project focused on developing a minimally viable product (MVP) for HuntFund to support its fundraising goals. This build included two separate pieces: a Laravel API/Backend and a React Native mobile application.

The Laravel API/Backend was built to be flexible for growth and serve as the backend to the mobile app. The backend build included integrating with several third-party APIs. These included:

  • Plaid

  • SolidFi

  • Twilio

The Ravenna team selected each integration because of its quality, scalability, and fit with HuntFund's long-term strategy.

Plaid was the first integration selection made. The Ravenna team has implemented with Plaid multiple times, so it was a natural selection when building out a fintech solution. HuntFund is leveraging the Auth product up front, but the roadmap includes usage of Plaids: Balance, Signal, Transactions, and more. The Plaid suite of products will allow for strong monitoring of customers' financial reality.

SolidFi was selected as the banking as a service (BaaS) provider. As an autosaving app, first and foremost, each time a person starts saving, those funds need to go somewhere. SolidFi's BaaS solution is a great fit for a fintech startup. With SolidFi's Plaid integration, the Ravenna team connected external accounts securely with a customer's autosaving account and created a straightforward auto-saving setup.

Twilio is another third-party provider that Ravenna has used multiple times. The existing integration is leveraging outbound SMS for notifications, sending the user reminders, congratulations, and other account-based notifications.

Each of these integrations provides a unique solution while offering additional products that will allow HuntFund to scale.

The HuntFund mobile app is built on React Native. This selection was made so that the app could largely have a single codebase supporting Android and iOS. The mobile application utilizes the Laravel API/Backend

Connected APIs

  • Plaid
  • Solid Fi
  • Twilio
  • Persona

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Ravenna Interactive and their performance was outstanding throughout our project. Demonstrating a deep understanding of fintech solutions, Ravenna Interactive showcased remarkable technical proficiency, consistently exceeding expectations. Their collaborative and transparent communication style fostered a seamless working relationship, and they showcased a genuine commitment to the project's success. The solution delivered not only met but surpassed our requirements, integrating innovative features that added substantial value.

Jeff Bynum / HuntFund Founder